Solution for success.

When I look back at yesterday,it makes feel angry, depressed and disheartened.To blame-Myself.It has been clearly stated and defined that opportunity comes once, catch it or lose it.Opportunities are visible to only those who want to see them, to those who want them as bad as air. Opportunities are abundant, it’s just up to us to grasp them. It’s up to us to identify them, to blaze our own path to success. Never expect an opportunity to come after you. Its you, who has to run. Its you who has to tread down the path of life and make full use of these potential chances, chances that could change your life and maybe even how the world thinks. These rare opportunities once missed are dead, dead for eternity. A missed opportunity shouldnt be given much afterthought, the result should be just more perseverance, just more determination, the will to walk ahead, the will to dominate. We need not look back at the eternally dead opportunities. It’s the past. Just learn from them and move ahead. There isn’t much time to ponder and analyse mistakes in a detailed pattern. Mistakes are learning experiences, actions which shouldnt be repeated. Mistakes when done in a periodic manner form habits. To be precise Bad Habits. Habits that could destroy the whole framework of a human mind, it could crush the innocence of youth( rarely exists now days) and lead to a dishevelled character.

Time. A fixed resource. Never increasing and Never decreasing. 24 hours in a day just doesn’t satisfy.With the same 24 hours people have climbed the ladder of success, touched heights of glory and changed the face of our mother Earth.What made them different? What drove them through the race of life? Just a word: Discipline.  I started my association with disciplining time quite a while ago. From counting in months, to counting in days, down to counting in Hours. A minute once gone never comes back. A day wasted doesn’t make life worthwhile. Time is not abundant. It’s as scarce as water. The wastage of time can never be justified. The difference between both is the wastage of water affects not only you but the lives of the entire world. Wastage of time puts your own life on stake, puts your future in turmoil. Its you who is at the receiving end. I map out my day on an hourly basis every day. It really does help. Time is not wasted. Not a minute, not a second. But its effect is all up to you, on the basis of how well was the plan made and  followed.

A few days back, I concluded: My co curricular activities are making my life hazy. They were forming a sheet over my real aims. I  aim to be a well versed cricketer. To be well-educated and have an excellent command over language.  Adults are generally not very excited hearing my choice of future profession. To cover up, I try to convey my little interest in economics.I say that I dream to become a Financial Manager. Although I like the idea of playing with money that comes around with the profession, it just isnt my forte( I hope it conveys the desired meaning) I have an avid interest in co curricular activities but I have great enemity with my school work. After all I now have been promoted to Grade 9. With it brings along more work, dead serious teachers, and new people.( For more information you can check the previous post namely Division) My working week is devoted to the causeway of School. Nothing else gets enough time to penetrate into this period(except cricket). As soon as the weekend begins I have Guitar , Cricket coaching and Public speaking among others. All lead me away from the focus of my life: Cricket. It leads me away from what I love.

Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.- Author Unknown

P.S – This is the result of a 13-year-olds overly imaginative- creative – philosiphical brain. It is not guaranteed that this are the right steps to be taken in the face of adversity. Just my conclusions on a serious topic.

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This Book-ish World

I Love My Books.

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair was held in Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi till the 2nd of April. The country of focus was the United Kingdom, thus, increasing the number of English titles prominently at the book fair. There was no entry fee.

I’m a book lover. Till a few weeks back I only read for pleasure. Crime stories, mysteries, Sci fi dominated my list of to buy books. My opinion towards inspiring and enlightening books has been revised over the period of the past few weeks. I have started realizing the importance of real Literature. Though I like books which are off the hook and cheerful, there are books which cater to all my needs. Robin Sharma and Paul Coelho have started entering my reads.

I attended the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair with a friend on the 1st of April. We attended the Centre to find a sparse crowd and an abundance of choice. We were at first, not very impressed at sight. I really expected the same events to occur that have been recurring in the past few editions of the book fair. Mostly foreign titles, stampede like crowd and a disappointed return. This year I can whole heartedly say, I enjoyed the book fair. I enjoyed skimming over the titles and getting my feet sore (the hall is HUGE). We arrived at the book fair during the early afternoon on a working day which resulted in the emptiness of the hall. Why is the word International made prominent? The book fair does not deserve it. Having almost all the Arab Gulf states down to the fair does not make you international. They don’t even have proper representation from the publishers of the Universal Language, English. If they would like to promote Arabic Literature do remove the word International. God knows, how many people hoping to attend a truly International book Fair were disappointed. I am happy that you have tried to increase the representation of Western authors and publishers but there is still a long road to follow. Another reason why I am over the moon is the sudden but appreciated increase in Indian publishers. Two of the three books which I bought were from the Indian Publishers Side. Indian Publishers have a knack of selling books at throwaway prices. If what I pay in the UAE to get a copy of a book is compared to India, it’s a far cry. What I pay in the UAE is of double value than what I pay in India. Another area of the book fair which needs work is the publishers invited. It would be excellent if well-known English language publishers were invited. It would just make me happier if Interviews with well-known Authors were conducted. I was extremely happy to know about the introduction of “book vending machines” in and around the Abu Dhabi City. A very welcome change.

The part of the book fair I loved the most was the coupon system. Each student of any private school in Abu Dhabi was handed a coupon of face value AED 30 at no terms or conditions. My friend and I had a meager budget and the coupon was a life saver. It was the random words of a book seller that got us the coupons which we first thought were for selected people and were not for the general public. A book seller seeing our state enquired if we had withdrawn our coupons. In a confused stage we answered no. Trying to help us he directed us to the coupon withdrawal area which nearly doubled my spending allowance. Thumbs up to the Good Samaritan.

Among the titles we bought include Paul Coelho’s The Alchemist, Shoaib Akhtars Biography Controversially Yours and Percy Jackson The Ultimate Guide. The Percy Jackson book was bought in order to gift it to friend as a Birthday Present.

I now stay mesmerized with Paul Coelho, investigating Agatha Christie, pondering on Dan Brown, inspired by Robin Sharma and still loving my books more than ever.

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This week. A blizzard of all sorts, a hurricane which has pushed me down to the ground. I feel empty. Sad days follow. The light of the cave gets dimmer and dimmer. Its something so small, but too big. It’s a division.

The school I attend has me broken. After the 8th Grade as we move on to the 9th Grade. It’s then that we friends of 8-years get broken. I could say I am the worst afflicted. Its a horrible feeling. At sudden moments I recall the joyous occasions of this ordeal. The attachment has grown so strong that separation is difficult. What I despise the most is the segregation of me from a great friend ( also top commenter on my posts…..) In all my life I have come to admire two people who I am acquainted with. The message is understood. Although, this means new people, new friends, I’m already well acquainted with majority of the people and they havent left much of an impact on me, actually more like destroyed their whole picture in my mind. To add to all of this, is the studies. It’s sad how the Indian system works. I really don’t know how a 200-page political science textbook is going to help me. So based on rote learning and memory capacity, it’s not creating the impact education should have. Though, many revisions have been made to the system, which actually makes learning easier. The problem starts here – the schools. If the system if implemented the way it should be, the life of an ordinary student will be a breath of fresh air. My life would become so much easier. To add to that, I would get more time to focus on blogging and other endeavours.

The life of a 9th grader is something I aint looking forward. When I was a kid it was a common belief that being big meant being cool. Huh…..the truths now as clear as the blue sky.

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5 reasons you should play a musical instrument

  1. It’s a good use of time – Its way better than wasting your time on Facebook or doing something unproductive.
  2. It gives huge bragging rights – Another way of impressing friends and attracting the opposite sex.
  3. It’s an art – Actually more than just an art form, it’s a sanctuary for a creative mind.
  4. It tells who you are – The music you listen to, the music you play forms an idea of your personality in the listeners mind.
  5. Whats wrong in learning more? Never learn a musical instrument which is forced upon you. Learning in such a manner is as useless as studying.

What drove me to write this post was my liking for the classical guitar. I have been learning to play it for more than a year now. I can notice the drastic improvement which occurred after a year. It feels amazing seeing the difference and what the human mind can do. I would recommend you to start playing a musical instrument of your own choice as it’s another form of creativity another expression just like art. The guitar in my life is nearing a roadblock because of the burden of school work, though I hope to overcome and continue.

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Well, I may not be the average 13-year-old. I am a bit different from the rest. I have a blog, I have views and all that philosophy stuck in my head which doesnt have much of a place in a child of my age .With all this I have some  quotes that help me cement my idealogies and views. Not all of them will be mentioned as some of them arent very eloquent.

  • Think Big,Think Fast and Think Ahead – Dhirubhai Ambani
  • Failure is not a crime, it is the low aim that is crime.
  • Muddled up heads heads have  little to offer – Sachin Bhatia
  • Control the tongue,Control the world. Spoken word is profound – Sachin Bhatia
  • Blind Belief shows the inability of ones mind – Sachin Bhatia
  • Always give a thought for the down trodden – Sachin Bhatia
  • A mind without knowledge is like a car without wheels – Sachin Bhatia
  • Observation forms real education, bookish knowledge is just an extra – Sachin Bhatia
  • Think. Ponder. Wonder – Sachin Bhatia

Well I hope its good. I would like some real opinions on this. These are the things I read again and again and are transfixed in my mind. These words inspire me to do more. They are the words that form a workout for my brain. So, Do read and Do comment.

Just A Thought

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Small Thoughts on a book.

Recently, I borrowed a book namely ” The Three Mistakes of my Life” from a good friend. It has been authored by one of the most prominent Indian Author – Chetan Bhagat. It revolves around the life of a Gujarati and his two friends. As the name suggests it is based upon the three mistakes he committed. Typically a Gujarati is known as the entrepreneur. It’s uncommon to find a Gujarati slaving to salary based job. In Gujarati culture a businessman is bound to gain respect in society. So Govind, a young man in  his early twenties is driven to start a business with two of his friends as business partners. As Indians are known for their love towards Cricket( just like me), they decide to set up a cricket shop near the local temple with Omi and Ish as partners. Before going on I will just give a short descriptions of the main characters –

GOVIND  A young man in his early twenties reeling the loss of his father and failure from two past business endeavours. Also a mathematical expert which forms a source of income through tuitions.

ISH  An ardent Cricket fan and a passionate player too. A dropout from the army due to his fascination and love with cricket. Helped in the annual turnover by working as a Cricket Coach.

OMI The son of a local priest and the one responsible for  securing the shop near the temple.Is also a tad bit on the conservative side

VIDYA The sister of Ish. It would be better if I kept mum about her.

BITTO MAMA(Bitto Uncle) Omi’s uncle and a conservative political leader. Was highly influenced of Hindu superiority.

The Main Characters all done and now back to the content. The shop is received by lacklustre attention for three months until business picks up. From there they rise to prominent heights. They started gaining a name among the people. Their idea of  “Cricket Coaching + Math tuition” picked up well.The first mistake occurs here.

First Mistake  Govind’s aspirations had no end. He had huge plans for his cricket shop. He dreamt of  chains of his stores all over the country. To realise this dream he decided to open their first formal store in prominent upcoming mall n a neighbouring area. He plans were crushed to dust (literally) when a massive earthquake struck a neighbouring region which resulted  in the destruction of the under-construction mall.

The Math tuition idea resulted in sporadic progress. The sister of Ish, Vidya was attempting to pass an entrance exam for admission in a medical college in Mumbai, which included Math. With no idea and interest in Math, Vidya is put to task by Govind who is asked by Ish to coach her.

Second Mistake   I better keep mum on this.

Ish had found a jewel of a cricketer(Ali) who had a defect in his brain which made him pure cricket material. Ali was targeted by Bitto Mama as he was suffering from the loss of his son. He claimed tha Ali’s father, who was a modern Muslim leader, was responsible for the death of his son and his followers. To avenge this act Bitto Mama gets Ali’s father and stepmother brutally murdered and he and his followers scurry to kill Ali.

Third Mistake Ali was with Ish, Govind and Omi when his family was killed. Bitto Mama with some of his followers attacks the three. He decides to spare the three if they directly hand over Ali which they refuse.The result is a bloody battle. Ali escapes the jaws of death but at the cost of having his wrist cut. Govind blames himself as he took time to react as he was lost in his own selfish thoughts.

Overall an excellent book.It kept me engaged for long.Though not meant for a 13-year-old it was brilliantly written.

Another aspect I was able to reason with in the book was the term Agnostic. It translates to mean a person who is still confused on the existence of God. It defines my train of thought on this matter perfectly.

This isn’t the last of the book reviews. You can expect more in the past few days as I have bought a couple of new books to keep me engaged during these holidays.

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An Update(finally)

Hello There guys! Its been a long time since my last post.  It’s not like nothing is going on my life, I’m just too busy. I have these forthcoming exams at school and I’m going crazy preparing for them.To add to that, I do hell lot of other stuff other  than studying. After all this I don’t have the energy to plan a new post. In the end, blogging gets a kick on its ass. Don’t conclude by yourself that I ain’t serious about this blogging endeavour. I REALLY AM! Just wait for a while, say till 22nd March and you definitely will be bombarded with new posts. When these exams get over I’m surely going to blog, a lot. I already have listed out ideas for  a couple of posts and be sure to check them out. I might even post a story based on an observation. I’m surely not leaking anything about my ideas for a post but this,YOU WILL SURELY LOVE IT!

I can’t guarantee that but I will surely try. 🙂





Season of Bloom

First Try at Gardening

Its been a long time since I updated my social networks on my gardening endeavor. The first time was a FAIL. I planted dahlias, watered it for weeks and nothing grew out.I then left it uncultivated from quite some while, thinking what to do next.Then, I planted another set of dahlias,watered it for weeks and………….. nothing grew out.  Finally after a sudden  brainwave (more like my  mom told me) I planted tomatoes in two pots and dahlias in another (the black pot  in the background). Dahlia was an EPIC FAIL.Tomatoes are sprouting in full bloom. The winter seasons on so the water requirements are less.The pot is overflowing. I expect some of them to die out due to overcrowding in a couple of weeks. I am a bit worried that the over crowding doesn’t effect the healthy ones. I have myself to blame if they die. Annoyed after the 2 FAILS I just randomly scattered the tomato seeds, expecting another fail. I still cant believe I have organic tomatoes in my balcony. Don’t mistake this as a change of  profession. This blog is still run by a Cricket maniac and NOT by a farmer. Interest in gardening was planted by mother in me. She has a huge money plant climbing all over the house. It can be attributed partly to my Aunt/Neighbor who HAD a whole balcony of pretty flowers and a bigger money plant than my mom. I can now use this to get some marks out of some Nature club I joined at school. Just hope they don’t die.



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As I am an Indian I will off course by default be a supporter of the Indian Cricket Team, yup, the one on a losing streak. Even if you arent an ardent cricket fan, you have to be knowing Sachin Tendulkar. Dont confuse yourself between this Sachin and that one, though we play visibly alike 😛 The whole point of this post is to highlight the sad times of Indian Cricket. Yuvraj Sing has been diaganiosed with cancer which , fortunately is curable. Get well soon Yuvraj, you have another six sixes to hit 🙂 . The Indian Cricket Team is on its lowest point EVER. They just got whitewashed by England and the series against Australia was just the icing of the cake. This reminds of a Hindi quote –

Kuthe Be Apni Gali Me Sher Hoteh Heh”

This literally translates into- Even the dogs are the kings of their localities. Same is the case of India. India wins in  India. Outside India is a different story. Pakistan just defeated England. Indirectly, it proves that the Pakistanis are playing better than Indians, though there are playing out of their home conditions . Though as an Indian I will deny it but a fact is a fact. To add to this there are fights going on within the Indian Cricket Board. Allegations of corruption and the usual blah. You know how India is.Well the win against Sri Lanka was great but thats not the performance we expect from the winners of the ICC Cricket World Cup.India beat Sri Lanka at the finals and today too. ❤ India ❤ THE BEST SIDE  (EVER!).

Hope these sad times get over soon and the senior (under-performing) players are removed to make space for more youngsters like me 😛

To conclude, you now know that this blog is run by a Big Time Cricket Maniac and maybe the next generation Indian Cricketer?!?!?! 😀

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Welcome to my Life!

This is a site basically for my thoughts and ideas and my views on life and the world of today.Its just a base for a 13 year old teen existing in this world.

So wanna know more about me, then check out the About tab.Its just a summary of my thoughts. More content about my daily experiences will be uploaded as the days progress. 🙂