As I am an Indian I will off course by default be a supporter of the Indian Cricket Team, yup, the one on a losing streak. Even if you arent an ardent cricket fan, you have to be knowing Sachin Tendulkar. Dont confuse yourself between this Sachin and that one, though we play visibly alike 😛 The whole point of this post is to highlight the sad times of Indian Cricket. Yuvraj Sing has been diaganiosed with cancer which , fortunately is curable. Get well soon Yuvraj, you have another six sixes to hit 🙂 . The Indian Cricket Team is on its lowest point EVER. They just got whitewashed by England and the series against Australia was just the icing of the cake. This reminds of a Hindi quote –

Kuthe Be Apni Gali Me Sher Hoteh Heh”

This literally translates into- Even the dogs are the kings of their localities. Same is the case of India. India wins in  India. Outside India is a different story. Pakistan just defeated England. Indirectly, it proves that the Pakistanis are playing better than Indians, though there are playing out of their home conditions . Though as an Indian I will deny it but a fact is a fact. To add to this there are fights going on within the Indian Cricket Board. Allegations of corruption and the usual blah. You know how India is.Well the win against Sri Lanka was great but thats not the performance we expect from the winners of the ICC Cricket World Cup.India beat Sri Lanka at the finals and today too. ❤ India ❤ THE BEST SIDE  (EVER!).

Hope these sad times get over soon and the senior (under-performing) players are removed to make space for more youngsters like me 😛

To conclude, you now know that this blog is run by a Big Time Cricket Maniac and maybe the next generation Indian Cricketer?!?!?! 😀

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3 thoughts on “Cricket

  1. Abhinav says:

    Stunning! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Mohammed Shaikh says:

    dont agreee wid sum of da facts…………..pakistan playd well against england cuz dey plyd here. the pitchs in uae r sumwat similr 2 da pakistani pitches; dere4 pakistan dogged england…….nyway hope dat ur dreams cum tru nd nyc articl, bro………

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