Season of Bloom

First Try at Gardening

Its been a long time since I updated my social networks on my gardening endeavor. The first time was a FAIL. I planted dahlias, watered it for weeks and nothing grew out.I then left it uncultivated from quite some while, thinking what to do next.Then, I planted another set of dahlias,watered it for weeks and………….. nothing grew out.  Finally after a sudden  brainwave (more like my  mom told me) I planted tomatoes in two pots and dahlias in another (the black pot  in the background). Dahlia was an EPIC FAIL.Tomatoes are sprouting in full bloom. The winter seasons on so the water requirements are less.The pot is overflowing. I expect some of them to die out due to overcrowding in a couple of weeks. I am a bit worried that the over crowding doesn’t effect the healthy ones. I have myself to blame if they die. Annoyed after the 2 FAILS I just randomly scattered the tomato seeds, expecting another fail. I still cant believe I have organic tomatoes in my balcony. Don’t mistake this as a change of  profession. This blog is still run by a Cricket maniac and NOT by a farmer. Interest in gardening was planted by mother in me. She has a huge money plant climbing all over the house. It can be attributed partly to my Aunt/Neighbor who HAD a whole balcony of pretty flowers and a bigger money plant than my mom. I can now use this to get some marks out of some Nature club I joined at school. Just hope they don’t die.



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2 thoughts on “Season of Bloom

  1. Mohammed Shaikh says:

    all da bst to the FARMER who plays CRICKET…………lol……xD

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