An Update(finally)

Hello There guys! Its been a long time since my last post.  It’s not like nothing is going on my life, I’m just too busy. I have these forthcoming exams at school and I’m going crazy preparing for them.To add to that, I do hell lot of other stuff other  than studying. After all this I don’t have the energy to plan a new post. In the end, blogging gets a kick on its ass. Don’t conclude by yourself that I ain’t serious about this blogging endeavour. I REALLY AM! Just wait for a while, say till 22nd March and you definitely will be bombarded with new posts. When these exams get over I’m surely going to blog, a lot. I already have listed out ideas for  a couple of posts and be sure to check them out. I might even post a story based on an observation. I’m surely not leaking anything about my ideas for a post but this,YOU WILL SURELY LOVE IT!

I can’t guarantee that but I will surely try. 🙂





One thought on “An Update(finally)

  1. Mohammed Shaikh says:

    all da bst………..but didnt expect u 2 rite “ass”…………….nd plz stop usin “IDA LANGUAGE” (“bombarded”…….xP)…………rest all is fine….

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