Small Thoughts on a book.

Recently, I borrowed a book namely ” The Three Mistakes of my Life” from a good friend. It has been authored by one of the most prominent Indian Author – Chetan Bhagat. It revolves around the life of a Gujarati and his two friends. As the name suggests it is based upon the three mistakes he committed. Typically a Gujarati is known as the entrepreneur. It’s uncommon to find a Gujarati slaving to salary based job. In Gujarati culture a businessman is bound to gain respect in society. So Govind, a young man in  his early twenties is driven to start a business with two of his friends as business partners. As Indians are known for their love towards Cricket( just like me), they decide to set up a cricket shop near the local temple with Omi and Ish as partners. Before going on I will just give a short descriptions of the main characters –

GOVIND  A young man in his early twenties reeling the loss of his father and failure from two past business endeavours. Also a mathematical expert which forms a source of income through tuitions.

ISH  An ardent Cricket fan and a passionate player too. A dropout from the army due to his fascination and love with cricket. Helped in the annual turnover by working as a Cricket Coach.

OMI The son of a local priest and the one responsible for  securing the shop near the temple.Is also a tad bit on the conservative side

VIDYA The sister of Ish. It would be better if I kept mum about her.

BITTO MAMA(Bitto Uncle) Omi’s uncle and a conservative political leader. Was highly influenced of Hindu superiority.

The Main Characters all done and now back to the content. The shop is received by lacklustre attention for three months until business picks up. From there they rise to prominent heights. They started gaining a name among the people. Their idea of  “Cricket Coaching + Math tuition” picked up well.The first mistake occurs here.

First Mistake  Govind’s aspirations had no end. He had huge plans for his cricket shop. He dreamt of  chains of his stores all over the country. To realise this dream he decided to open their first formal store in prominent upcoming mall n a neighbouring area. He plans were crushed to dust (literally) when a massive earthquake struck a neighbouring region which resulted  in the destruction of the under-construction mall.

The Math tuition idea resulted in sporadic progress. The sister of Ish, Vidya was attempting to pass an entrance exam for admission in a medical college in Mumbai, which included Math. With no idea and interest in Math, Vidya is put to task by Govind who is asked by Ish to coach her.

Second Mistake   I better keep mum on this.

Ish had found a jewel of a cricketer(Ali) who had a defect in his brain which made him pure cricket material. Ali was targeted by Bitto Mama as he was suffering from the loss of his son. He claimed tha Ali’s father, who was a modern Muslim leader, was responsible for the death of his son and his followers. To avenge this act Bitto Mama gets Ali’s father and stepmother brutally murdered and he and his followers scurry to kill Ali.

Third Mistake Ali was with Ish, Govind and Omi when his family was killed. Bitto Mama with some of his followers attacks the three. He decides to spare the three if they directly hand over Ali which they refuse.The result is a bloody battle. Ali escapes the jaws of death but at the cost of having his wrist cut. Govind blames himself as he took time to react as he was lost in his own selfish thoughts.

Overall an excellent book.It kept me engaged for long.Though not meant for a 13-year-old it was brilliantly written.

Another aspect I was able to reason with in the book was the term Agnostic. It translates to mean a person who is still confused on the existence of God. It defines my train of thought on this matter perfectly.

This isn’t the last of the book reviews. You can expect more in the past few days as I have bought a couple of new books to keep me engaged during these holidays.

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2 thoughts on “Small Thoughts on a book.

  1. Mohammed Shaikh says:

    nyc1 goat………………but nt as gud as ur oder piecs of writin………..nyway keep it up nd bettr luck nxt tym……..xD

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