5 reasons you should play a musical instrument

  1. It’s a good use of time – Its way better than wasting your time on Facebook or doing something unproductive.
  2. It gives huge bragging rights – Another way of impressing friends and attracting the opposite sex.
  3. It’s an art – Actually more than just an art form, it’s a sanctuary for a creative mind.
  4. It tells who you are – The music you listen to, the music you play forms an idea of your personality in the listeners mind.
  5. Whats wrong in learning more? Never learn a musical instrument which is forced upon you. Learning in such a manner is as useless as studying.

What drove me to write this post was my liking for the classical guitar. I have been learning to play it for more than a year now. I can notice the drastic improvement which occurred after a year. It feels amazing seeing the difference and what the human mind can do. I would recommend you to start playing a musical instrument of your own choice as it’s another form of creativity another expression just like art. The guitar in my life is nearing a roadblock because of the burden of school work, though I hope to overcome and continue.

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