This week. A blizzard of all sorts, a hurricane which has pushed me down to the ground. I feel empty. Sad days follow. The light of the cave gets dimmer and dimmer. Its something so small, but too big. It’s a division.

The school I attend has me broken. After the 8th Grade as we move on to the 9th Grade. It’s then that we friends of 8-years get broken. I could say I am the worst afflicted. Its a horrible feeling. At sudden moments I recall the joyous occasions of this ordeal. The attachment has grown so strong that separation is difficult. What I despise the most is the segregation of me from a great friend ( also top commenter on my posts…..) In all my life I have come to admire two people who I am acquainted with. The message is understood. Although, this means new people, new friends, I’m already well acquainted with majority of the people and they havent left much of an impact on me, actually more like destroyed their whole picture in my mind. To add to all of this, is the studies. It’s sad how the Indian system works. I really don’t know how a 200-page political science textbook is going to help me. So based on rote learning and memory capacity, it’s not creating the impact education should have. Though, many revisions have been made to the system, which actually makes learning easier. The problem starts here – the schools. If the system if implemented the way it should be, the life of an ordinary student will be a breath of fresh air. My life would become so much easier. To add to that, I would get more time to focus on blogging and other endeavours.

The life of a 9th grader is something I aint looking forward. When I was a kid it was a common belief that being big meant being cool. Huh…..the truths now as clear as the blue sky.

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One thought on “Division

  1. Mohammed Shaikh says:

    tru………i feel the same……. :C

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