Solution for success.

When I look back at yesterday,it makes feel angry, depressed and disheartened.To blame-Myself.It has been clearly stated and defined that opportunity comes once, catch it or lose it.Opportunities are visible to only those who want to see them, to those who want them as bad as air. Opportunities are abundant, it’s just up to us to grasp them. It’s up to us to identify them, to blaze our own path to success. Never expect an opportunity to come after you. Its you, who has to run. Its you who has to tread down the path of life and make full use of these potential chances, chances that could change your life and maybe even how the world thinks. These rare opportunities once missed are dead, dead for eternity. A missed opportunity shouldnt be given much afterthought, the result should be just more perseverance, just more determination, the will to walk ahead, the will to dominate. We need not look back at the eternally dead opportunities. It’s the past. Just learn from them and move ahead. There isn’t much time to ponder and analyse mistakes in a detailed pattern. Mistakes are learning experiences, actions which shouldnt be repeated. Mistakes when done in a periodic manner form habits. To be precise Bad Habits. Habits that could destroy the whole framework of a human mind, it could crush the innocence of youth( rarely exists now days) and lead to a dishevelled character.

Time. A fixed resource. Never increasing and Never decreasing. 24 hours in a day just doesn’t satisfy.With the same 24 hours people have climbed the ladder of success, touched heights of glory and changed the face of our mother Earth.What made them different? What drove them through the race of life? Just a word: Discipline.  I started my association with disciplining time quite a while ago. From counting in months, to counting in days, down to counting in Hours. A minute once gone never comes back. A day wasted doesn’t make life worthwhile. Time is not abundant. It’s as scarce as water. The wastage of time can never be justified. The difference between both is the wastage of water affects not only you but the lives of the entire world. Wastage of time puts your own life on stake, puts your future in turmoil. Its you who is at the receiving end. I map out my day on an hourly basis every day. It really does help. Time is not wasted. Not a minute, not a second. But its effect is all up to you, on the basis of how well was the plan made and  followed.

A few days back, I concluded: My co curricular activities are making my life hazy. They were forming a sheet over my real aims. I  aim to be a well versed cricketer. To be well-educated and have an excellent command over language.  Adults are generally not very excited hearing my choice of future profession. To cover up, I try to convey my little interest in economics.I say that I dream to become a Financial Manager. Although I like the idea of playing with money that comes around with the profession, it just isnt my forte( I hope it conveys the desired meaning) I have an avid interest in co curricular activities but I have great enemity with my school work. After all I now have been promoted to Grade 9. With it brings along more work, dead serious teachers, and new people.( For more information you can check the previous post namely Division) My working week is devoted to the causeway of School. Nothing else gets enough time to penetrate into this period(except cricket). As soon as the weekend begins I have Guitar , Cricket coaching and Public speaking among others. All lead me away from the focus of my life: Cricket. It leads me away from what I love.

Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.- Author Unknown

P.S – This is the result of a 13-year-olds overly imaginative- creative – philosiphical brain. It is not guaranteed that this are the right steps to be taken in the face of adversity. Just my conclusions on a serious topic.

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One thought on “Solution for success.

  1. MS says:

    dont come early to skool………….dat’s da bst option….xD

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