THIS                      IS                       ME

This blog is just going to be about me, myself and my experiences.


I am Sachin Nilesh Bhatia. I am 13 years of old. I was born on the 23rd of April in1998. Yes, I was born on the day when Shakespeare was born and the day he died. I live in modern day Abu Dhabi. I originally hail from India ❤ . I have dreams, I have thoughts, I have aspirations, I have ideas, I have goals and finally I have a heart. In this modern day world its difficult to be clean, to think clean, to live clean and to speak clean. Another of my attributes is I cant stand seeing anyone being pulled down, anyone being isolated for improper reasons. In shorter terms: I Cant Stand Bullying. I have seen the self belief and confidence of many individuals being smashed into bits by heartless people in the name of fun. I can only consolidate the victim as it his/her battle and not mine.I have a vision to end all this in this big bad world. I don’t segregate. Everyone is my friend. You might be arrogant,you might be bossy, you might be generous, you might not like me but in the end you are my friend. Its just the treatment each gets that changes but at whole you will be my friend. I can say I am open to friendship from open minded, non violent, kind and with people who think for themselves. That’s all.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Abhinav says:

    Nice one! 😀

  2. Thanx!!! Spread the word 🙂

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